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B6 50 mg 3 times daily, Needed for protein metabolism. (pyridoxine) with meals. and para-aminobenzoic 25 mg daily, with meals. Good for protecting the skin. acid (PABA) Vitamin E oil Once the burn has cooled Promotes healing and helps or and healing has begun, prevent scarring. Purchase in ointment apply topically to the oil or ointment form, affected area 3 to 4 times or open a capsule to daily. release the oil. Zinc 100 mg daily fori month; Boosts the immune system and then reduce to 50 mg daily, aids in tissue healing.
Zinc 50-80 mg daily. Do not Enhances immune exceed a total of 100 mg function. Needed to daily from all supplements. prevent infection and promote healing. Use zinc gluconate lozenges or plus OptiZinc for best absorption. copper 3 mg daily. Needed to balance with zinc. Herbs Q Applying aloe vera gel directly to inflamed gums eases discomfort and soothes the tissues. Q Strained chamomile tea and calendula flower tea are both soothing and help to heal gum tissues. Q Clove oil is good for temporary relief of tooth and / or gum pain.
B1 (thiamine) 50 mg 3 times daily. Needed for repair and and healing of skin tissue. pantothenic acid 100 mg 3 times daily. Aids in proper adrenal (vitamin b5) function, relieving stress and on this organ. vitamin b6 50 mg 3 times daily. Aids in reducing fluid (pyridoxine) retention, keeping down and infection. vitamin B12 2,000 meg daily. Use a lozenge or and sublingual form. folic acid 400 meg daily. Vitamin C 2,000-10,000 mg daily. Important for formation of with collagen and skin tissue, bioflavonoids and for enhancing the immune system.

Gunpoint medicine: Teenager arrested, jailed for refusing TB treatment at hospital

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Think about it: Oncologists openly push dangerous chemotherapy drugs that cause permanent damage to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys, even while insisting that patients take no vitamins, superfoods or nutritional supplements to protect their healthy cells during the chemo treatments. General Practitioners send patients home with prescriptions for dangerous COX-2 inhibitor drugs, diabetes drugs, statin drugs and psychotropic drugs that kill, at minimum, tens of thousands of Americans every year through heart attacks, strokes, liver failure and suicides.

Health news from a parallel universe (satire)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Not anymore: Twisted science combined with a pro-Pharma agenda and limitless influence on the mainstream media has turned the popular press into a nutrient attack dog, and ominous stories about the extreme dangers of taking vitamins or supplements are now published at regular intervals (just to remind the citizens to keep taking drugs, of course). The insanity of Allopathia is actually our own.

The Killing of California Almonds (and why dead foods lead to dead people)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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I'm not sure I totally believe this plan, but some of what's happening with CODEX Alimentarius sure seems suspicious (as in, why would they make therapeutic doses of vitamins illegal, anyway?). On the other hand, if world leaders really wanted to kill everyone, they could just force the population to watch endless reruns of televised speeches from President Bush, and that would drive countless voters to kill themselves far more quickly. But suppose the theories have an element of truth?

The top ten consumer questions about superfruit juices: Pomegranate, blueberry, acai and cherry

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Organic fruits have much higher concentrations of phytonutrients (natural plant medicines), vitamins and minerals. Organic farming is also better for the environment. But even non-organic superfruits are very good for your health, and in my opinion, the health benefits of the natural fruit juices far outweighs the cancer risk of pesticide residues. #4: Why do you call apple juice and grape juice "junk juices?" Many superfruit juice products that claim "pomegranate" or "blueberry" on the front label are actually made mostly with cheaper juices such as grape and apple.

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Quality children's vitamins are available through sources like Nordic Naturals (fish oils) and www.IntegratedHealth.com (also check www.WellnessResources.com for high-quality supplements). 18. Dryer sheets Most popular dryer sheets and fabric softeners are made with toxic synthetic chemicals that are not safe to use on children's clothing. The fragrance chemicals alone are often highly carcinogenic, and the other chemicals contribute additional toxicity to the clothing. Children's clothes should never be washed or dried in chemicals.

There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program

Gabriel Cousens
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Organic live food provides the highest-quality nutrient concentrates, the highest-quality phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and bioelectrical energy, which is quite important for healing and building the vital life force. It is not only activating and energizing the system and repairing it on that level, but repeating the activity in a very simple way.

In U.S., science is distorted to promote political and corporate agendas

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Bad science is used to attack vitamins, nutrients, and all natural therapies that powerful corporations canít patent to make real money. Vitamin E was routinely discredited in the mainstream media, for example, using remarkably bad science. Researchers tested synthetic, low-dose versions of vitamin E on populations with high risks of heart attack or stroke. When deaths occurred within the sample population group, the headlines read, "Vitamin E causes Heart Attack!

Product Review: New natural health products

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Each listing here is based entirely on merit: Sprayable vitamins get absorbed almost instantly! Good Health Naturally has introduced a wonderful new product called Maxi Focus. It's a sprayable vitamin and mineral formula that's very nutrient dense and goes to work right away when you spray it in your mouth. It's designed specifically to support eye health, but the truth is that it also supports the entire nervous system, cardiovascular health, digestive health and much more. Check it out at www.GoodHealthUsa.

New online consumer health guide reveals nutritional deficiencies caused by prescription drugs

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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When pharmaceuticals cause an accelerated loss of vitamins, minerals or other important nutrients, consumers can protect their health by either finding a natural way to end dependence on the pharmaceutical or by supplementing with the proper nutrients to avoid the inevitable onset of nutritional deficiency diseases.

Gunpoint medicine: Teenager arrested, jailed for refusing TB treatment at hospital

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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They've got people scared silly about antioxidants, believing that vitamins will kill them (but that pharmaceuticals will save them!). They've also managed to get people to believe that infectious diseases are caused SOLELY by the presence of the virus or bacterium -- an idea that's utter nonsense. An infectious agent is only a threat when the body is suppressed enough to be susceptible to infection.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes: An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease

Steven V. Joyal
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Effects of young barley leaf extract and antioxidative vitamins on LDL oxidation and free radical scavenging activities in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Metab 2002; 28:1262. Yu YM et al. Effect of young barley leaf extract and adlay on plasma lipids and LDL oxidation in hyperlipidemic smokers. Biol Pharm Bull2004; 27:802-5. Ziegler D et al. Oral treatment with alpha lipoic acid improves symptomatic diabetic polyneuropathy: The SYDNEY 2 trial. Diabetes Care 2006 Nov; 29(11):2365-70. CHAPTER 9 Clouse RE, Lustman PJ. Depression and coronary heart disease in women with diabetes.

Integrated Health offers outstanding nutritional supplements at breakthrough price for NewsTarget readers

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Together with the NewsTarget discount code NT2008, you can get a total of 21% off this combination that combines premium ingredients for nutritional support, covering the primary nutritional needs for most people: Healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and multiple vitamins and minerals, all in their premium molecular forms for maximum assimilation. Learn more about this combination at: http://www.integratedhealth.com/core-formulas.
Most pet vitamins from other companies are garbage.) I use the Large Pet Mighty-Multi with my Rotweiller. Learn more at http://www.integratedhealth.com/pet-supplements/large-pet-mighty-multi.html Incredible products at reasonable prices If you go through the product catalog at Integrated Health, you'll find all kinds of amazing products that can literally help prevent and even reverse various degenerative diseases.

Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as "drugs"

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Your access to vitamins, supplements, herbs, and even energy medicine modalities is now directly threatened, and you have until April 30 to make your voice heard. Action items First, read the document yourself. Click here for the PDF version. Take special care to notice the following text, taken directly from the FDA's own document: (italicized text is from the FDA, with my own translation following) "...

Integrated Health offers outstanding nutritional supplements at breakthrough price for NewsTarget readers

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Sure, you can find cheaper vitamins if you don't care about what's in them, but if you're looking for world class nutritional support for both children and adults, this Kids Mighty-Multi is an outstanding deal. (It's actually great for adults, too. The only thing that's "kids" about this is the small size of the chewable tablets.) What's left of their inventory will probably be sold out by Wednesday, so if you want to get in on this deal, order from their website right now.

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers, Part 1: Nutritional supplements and cellular energy

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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The body has to do more work to get the benefit if you are taking something that is not a coenzyme vitamin, typically most of the stuff found in the vitamins out there. For example, the body cannot use pyridoxine hydrochloride (synthetic vitamin B6). It has to grab an ATP and be phosphorylated before becoming a coenzyme that can be used. I went into supplement design because my wife was chemically sensitive.
I became her "doctor" in 1984 and ever since then, I have been finding nutrients, such as coenzyme vitamins and other nutrients that are consistent with human body function -- that work with the body. Coenzymes are not a drag on the human body. The body can just go, "Boom! Used it! It is great. I feel good. It works." That is our thing; we give you something that works to make you healthy. That is why I am in the business; for no other reason than that. About Integrated Health Dr. Hank Liers is the chief formulator of nutritional supplements sold at Integrated Health (www.IntegratedHealth.

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 2: High-RNA superfoods

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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The Mini Multi is a relatively low potency multivitamin and mineral that has all coenzyme vitamins in it, as much as I can get. The minerals are Kreb's cycle minerals -- the transporters that the body recognizes, and this particular vitamin has no excipients whatsoever. Nothing. The powder is put into a veggie cap. That is it. This is made for sensitive people. We just came out with this. We had been having it custom formulated in small quantities in the pharmacy for years because we did not think we could find anyone who would manufacture a product with no excipients whatsoever.
Frank found that when he had patients consume a combination of sardines and fish that were high in RNA, along with B complex vitamins and RNA from yeast, he could take almost anyone who was over 50 and in three or four weeks have them looking 10 or 15 years younger. These people would start feeling energetic, and have greater endurance and aerobic capacity. Our ideas about RNA developed over time. First, we were eating and experimenting with sardines. Then we discovered Dr. Bernard Jensen's work on chlorella. He was the first big proponent in this country of chlorella. Dr.

Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as "drugs"

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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And finally, write your Senator or Congressperson about this issue and let them know, in blatant language, that you will not stand by and allow the criminals running medicine today to take away your access to vitamins, supplements, herbs and homeopathic medicine. Write the letter in your own words, even if it's just two sentences. Individual letters have a hundred times the impact of form letters. Medical wasteland USA Everything is at stake here.

Super Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Incan Berries Incan Berries have a delicious, sweet taste and are rich in nutrients and vitamins like A, B, C and P. Anyone who tries Incan Berries is hooked on their great taste. Aloe Vera and Blueberry Drink Mix Our Aloe Vera and Blueberry Drink Mix provides the nutrient-rich benefits of two superfoods in a simple, delicious drink mix thatís superior to aloe vera juice. Studies show Aloe Vera helps balance blood sugar levels and soothes the digestive tract. Normally $31.49, but use code NTHP for a 20% discount exclusive to NewsTarget readers! (Making the final price just $25.

New "Juice Feasting" Emerging as Phytonutrient-Rich Disease-Fighting Nutritional System

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Unlike the traditional nutrients (protein, fat, vitamins, minerals), phytonutrients are not "essential" for life, so some people prefer the term "phytochemical". 2. What are the Major Classes of Phytonutrients?

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 4: Reversing mass chemical contamination

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Maybe those things that I am doing today are going to be typical in the health food stores or your supermarket 10 years from now -- coenzyme vitamins and Kreb's cycle nutrients, and excipients that are not toxins in themselves. Mike: We live in a time now where there is such a great opportunity to reach out to people. The pace of knowledge acquisition is accelerating. The conversation that we are having right here, over the next year will be read by more than a million living beings. Imagine what that does to the mass consciousness.

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 5: Superior nutrition for pet health

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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For example, the warehouse clubs have the cheapest vitamins I have ever seen in the world. One was a fish oil vitamin that had like 10 milligrams of fish oil extract and the rest of it was soybean oil. That is amazing. Dr. Liers: Often you find it's genetically modified soybean oil, as well. Mike: Right. Let us wrap up the pet supplement section here. Do you have any other comments on that? Dr. Liers: Our red line is core supplements. Our blue line is for specific conditions. We have in the blue line Diabetes Defense, Joint Health Formula, and Allergy Defense, which are for major conditions.

What's in an apple? Buying organic, healthful produce becomes increasingly complicated

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Because beyond the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in the apple, the water impacts your body, mind and spirit more than anything else. And one of the reasons we see so much obesity in America today is because people are eating empty, lifeless food products that provide only calories but no energetic nourishment. The food is mostly an empty shell, lifeless and devoid of positive vibration (and then they cook it, irradiate it and process it even more to give it shelf life!).

There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program

Gabriel Cousens
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Vegetarian diets offer a number of nutritional benefits, including lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein as well as higher levels of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and phytochem-icals. ... It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Why health freedom will ultimately overcome Big Pharma mischief and FDA corruption (opinion)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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I'm not saying they won't keep trying to outlaw vitamins and expand the powers of Big Pharma and the FDA, but they've at least come to realize that we're going to raise a racket each time they attempt to do so. The health freedom community is getting noticed in Washington. Why natural medicine is winning In the big picture, by the way, things are actually trending strongly towards naturopathic medicine. With this latest legislative event here in the United States, Big Pharma may have won a legislative battle, but they're losing the war.

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