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Vitamin b3

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Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff
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NADH NADH (reduced B-nicotanimide dinucleotide) is a coenzyme molecule fotmed from vitamin b3 (niacin). NADH (along with CoQpq) is essential for the production of energy (ATP) in a process called oxidative phosphotylation. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study examined the use of NADH in CFS: 26 eligible patients diagnosed with CFS teceived eithet 10 mg of NADH ot placebo fot a 4-week period. Eight of 26 (31%) responded favorably to NADH in contrast to two of 26 (8%) to placebo.

Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness: The Patient's Guide to Health and Healing

Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. and Alan R. Gaby, M.D.
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B3 to reduce alcohol craving. Many alcoholics have told me that Bill W. might not have been a biochemist or physician, but he knew what he was talking about when it related to alcohol. So, please get the time-release form of niacin and use 500 milligrams, twice daily. Bill W. advocated more, but if we use it in conjunction with good diet and other supplements, not as much appears to be necessary. Just in case it's still too much for you, we'll monitor liver enzymes to begin with, and then as necessary." "What about the rest of the B-complex vitamins?" Mary asked. "You're right.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff
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You can also find this amount in most B-complex formulas. 16. vitamin b3 (niacin) converts tryptophan into serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that helps us stay happy. The safest bet (and one that does not require a physician's blessing) is to take a balanced B-complex that contains 50 mg of niacin and eat niacin-rich foods such as torula or brewer's yeast, brown rice, whole wheat, seeds, nuts, peanuts and other legumes. 17. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) deficiency can lead to depression; 50 mg daily is recommended or a balanced B-complex that contains this amount. 18.

The Natural Medicine Guide to the 50 Most Common Medicinal Herbs

Heather Boon, BScPhm, PhD and Michael Smith, BPharm, MRPharmS, ND
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It has been hypothesized that this was due to a deficiency in vitamin b3 but symptoms are not improved following administration of nicotinamide (lOOmg daily for 3 weeks).4 It is now considered to be an allergic skin reaction.16 CAUTIONS/CONTRAINDICATIONS Due to its dopaminergic properties, kava should be used with caution in cases of Parkinsons disease.34 Use is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, depression35 and patients with liver conditions or other risk factors for liver disease.

The Inflammation Syndrome: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, and Asthma

Jack Challem
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Folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin b3, and vitamin B, may be particularly important, especially in ensuring accurate gene transcription and repair. Some research also suggests that the omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and may reduce the risk of colon cancer. Many anti-inflammatory nutrients have been directly linked to lower rates of specific cancers. For example, fish oils are associated with a lower risk of colon cancer. Lycopene lowers the risk of prostate cancer, and one study found that it reduced the size of prostate tumors in men scheduled for surgery.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Life Extension Editorial Staff
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Third, the nitric oxide system should be supported with supplements (such as atginine, vitamin B2 [riboflavin], vitamin b3 [niacin], and folate). Role of the Endocrine System Reduced Cortisol Levels The HPA axis refers to the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands, which are part of the endoctine system. The hypothalamus secretes several hormones that control the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is considered the "master gland" of the endoctine system because it secretes hormones that control other glands (including the ovaries, testes, adrenals, and thytoid glands).

Natural Health Secrets From Around the World

Glenn W. Geelhoed, M.D. and Jean Barilla, M.S.
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Vitamin Bl, also called thiamin, can help lift your mood and stimulate your appetite. vitamin b3 (niacin) can help maintain a strong constitution by boosting blood circulation, thinning the blood and lowering cholesterol while strengthening digestion. In fact, niacin acts so quickly on the circulatory system, that many people report a prickly flush that quickly spreads over the body and then subsides as the niacin is metabolized. Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is known as the "longevity vitamin.

Healing Pets With Nature's Miracle Cures

Henry Pasternak, D.V.M., C.V.A.
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For instance, injections of B{ (thiamine) results in symptoms of pellagra, known as a vitamin b3 (niacin amide) deficiency in people.10 Overloading with one component of the B-complex produces a definite deficiency of other components. The whole complex from "live" foods is needed for best results. Animals and humans should get their B-complex vitamins from several sources. There are still nutrients yet to be discovered in foods. These "unknown" nutrients have synergistic beneficial effects, which can only be obtained from different food factors.

Getting Rid of Ritalin: How Neurofeedback Can Successfully Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Drugs

Robert W. Hill, Ph.D. and Eduardo Castro, M.D.
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B2 (tiboflavin) 1.7mg vitamin b3 (niacin) 20mg vitamin B5 (pantothenate) lOmg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 2mg vitamin Bl 2 6mcg vitamin C 60mg vitamin D 400IU vitamin E 15IU vitamin K 50mcg biotin 300mcg folic acid 400mcg calcium chromium 200mcg 1 OOmcg lmg 150mcg copper iodine magnesium manganese molybdenum selenium iron 9mg 80mg 2.5mg zinc 250mcg 1OOmcg 1 5mg Protein Peter W. Lemon of Kent State University is perhaps the foremost nutritional researcher of protein requirement, especially in athletes. He notes that the current RDA for protein was calculated for sedentary individuals.

Doctor, what Should I Eat?: Nutrition Prescriptions for Ailments in Which Diet Can Really Make a Difference

Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D.
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The RDA for vitamin b3 is between 4 and 7 milligrams. Most multivitamin supplements contain much more than the RDA. Zinc is present throughout the body—in your hair, skin, bones, nails, eyes, and, perhaps most important for men of a certain age, the prostate gland. Oysters are the richest dietary source, but zinc is also found in lesser amounts in liver, beef, wheat bran, wheat germ, nuts, and poultry (see page 145 for other sources). If you're eating a varied diet, you'll be getting all you need (15 milligrams a day). Suspect a deficiency if you see white spots under your nails.

Permanent Remissions

Robert Hass, M.S.
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Niacin: See vitamin b3 (niacin). Oncology: The branch of medical science dealing with cancer. An oncologist specializes in diagnosing and treating cancerous tumors. Oxidation: A type of chemical reaction in which an electron is removed from the compound being oxidized. Removing an electron creates a free radical (a compound lacking an electron or with an unpaired electron). Oxygen is the most common oxidizing compound. Pantothenic acid: See Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Phosphatidylcholine: A phospholipid (a fat) that the body can use as a precursor to make choline.
NIACIN Niacin (nicotinic acid) is a form of vitamin b3 that has been used to lower elevated blood cholesterol. Niacin has been used with the prescription drug colestipol to achieve remission (reversal) of coronary atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that in daily doses of 2-3 grams, niacin can reduce total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol between 20%—30%. It also lowers triglyceride levels between 35% and 55% and increases HDL-cholesterol levels by 20%-35%.

Alternative Medicine the Definitive Guide, Second Edition

Larry Trivieri, Jr.
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Deficiencies of vitamin Bi may lead to blood sugar imbalances. • vitamin b3 (niacin) is necessary for oxygen transport in the blood and fatty acid and nucleic acid formation. It is also vital to the actions of more than 150 enzymes in the body—without these enzymatic reactions, our body's energy production would quickly shut down. • Vitamin Bs (pantothenic acid) is vital for synthesis of hormones and support of the adrenal glands. Pantothenic acid deficiency can cause fatigue, insomnia, and depression.

Natural Prescriptions: Dr. Giller's Natural Treatments & Vitamin Therapies For Over 100 Common Ailments

Robert M. Giller, M.D.
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Vitamin B3: 100 mg. daily. • Amino acid glutamine: 500 mg. daily. • • • Stress Control I BELIEVE THAT STRESS is one of our most serious health problems because it affects every aspect of how the body works. Any illness is made worse by stress. If you have a tendency to headaches, stress will increase their frequency. If you have a predisposition for cardiovascular disease, stress will increase your risk. Even if you're in excellent health, uncontrolled stress will keep you from achieving the sense of calm that can make life far more meaningful and enjoyable.
Vitamin B3 has been shown to be strongly connected to increased healing rates in wounds, as has the amino acid glutamine. Though the precise reason why glutamine aids healing is unknown, we do know that levels of glutamine are depleted by injury or disease. Natural Prescription for Wound Healing • For minor cuts, follow the above instructions for cleaning and treatment. • For more severe wounds, see your doctor or go to your local emergency room for treatment.

Doctor, what Should I Eat?: Nutrition Prescriptions for Ailments in Which Diet Can Really Make a Difference

Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D.
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For example, there were several studies suggesting that a deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals, notably vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin b3 (pantothenic acid), zinc, folic acid, vitamin E, and selenium, can sometimes result in arthritis. Frankly, the evidence was underwhelming. So don't rush to take these supplements. They may help only if, after analyzing your blood, your doctor finds you deficient in them. Unless you are on a fad diet or deliberately starving yourself to lose weight, the likelihood of such a deficiency is not great.

Natural Prescriptions: Dr. Giller's Natural Treatments & Vitamin Therapies For Over 100 Common Ailments

Robert M. Giller, M.D.
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Vitamin B3:100 mg. daily. • Amino acid glutamine: 500 mg. daily. IN ADDITION: If you have a recent scar, don't forget that it will react to sunlight more quickly than normal skin. I advise patients to apply a hypoallergenic sunscreen liberally to any recent scar if they're going to be in the sun. Wrinkle Prevention EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW how to prevent wrinkles. Despite the popularity of cosmetic surgery, there are still plenty of people who want to live with their own faces forever and want to keep them in as good shape as possible.

Alternative Medicine the Definitive Guide, Second Edition

Larry Trivieri, Jr.
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These early studies, however, did not seem to help chronic patients, but progress was made when vitamin b3 therapy was combined with other treatments."I examined the treatment outcome of 26 chronic patients who remained under my care for ten years and more," says Dr. Hoffer. "Eleven are working, two are married and looking after their families, two are single mothers caring for their children with no difficulty, and three are managing their own businesses. One patient received his B.Sc, one was awarded her M.A., and another got a certificate from community college.

Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? The Rest of the Story on the New Class of SSRI Antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lovan, Luvox & More

Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D.
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El Kholy, an Egyptian researcher, shows that often the symptoms of pellagra, the vitamin b3 deficiency disease, are mistaken for schizophrenia (insanity). Dr. Kholy, in a seven year long study of incarcerated felons, found that eighteen percent of them had pellagra. Pellagra causes obvious and sometimes dramatic mental and psychological symptoms. The psychological symptoms are depression, general anxiety, irritability, violence, periods of stupor or irrationality, etc. Physical symptoms include loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, cracks in the skin, tongues become red and sore, etc.

Alternative Medicine the Definitive Guide, Second Edition

Larry Trivieri, Jr.
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CP, recommends large quantities of vitamin b3, either niacin or niacinamide, to protect people against the tendency of L-dopa to cause psychosis. However, the vitamins in these quantities do not have much effect on the tremor. REFLEXOLOGY: Whole spine, all glands, diaphragm, chest/lung Professional Care The following therapies should only be provided by a qualified health professional.

Smart Medicine for Healthier Living : Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Adults

Janet Zand, LAc, OMD, Allan N. Spreed, MD, CNC, James B. LaValle, RPh, ND
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Take a good B-complex formula supplying 50 to 100 milligrams of each of the major B vitamins once or twice daily, plus an an additional 50 milligrams of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) twice a day, and enough additional vitamin b3 (niacin) to bring your intake to a total of 200 milligrams daily from all sources. If you are bothered by the flush this nutrient can produce, take niacinamide instead. Note: Do not take supplemental niacin if you have gout or liver dysfunction. HERBAL TREATMENT ¦ Chinese (Korean) and Siberian ginseng have normalizing properties and act as whole-body tonics.
Deficiencies of vitamin b3 (niacin), vitamin Bg (pyridoxine), pantothenic acid, and trace minerals, including copper, are associated with insomnia. Take a balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement daily. Because an excess of vitamin B12 taken late in the day can contribute to wakefulness, it is best to take it in the morning. HERBAL TREATMENT ¦ To help yourself unwind and relax, take a cup of chamomile tea, an herbal relaxant, an hour before bedtime. A combination herbal tea, such as Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime tea, may also be used.
The B vitamins, especially vitamins Bi (thiamine), vitamin b3 (niacin), vitamin B12 (cobalamin), and pantothenic acid, are essential for the proper digestion of carbohydrates and help keep energy levels high. Take a B-complex supplement supplying 25 to 50 milligrams of the major B vitamins daily. ¦ Most people who suffer from hypoglycemia have low levels of vitamin C and zinc. Take 500 milligrams of vitamin C, 500 milligrams of bioflavonoids, and 15 milligrams of zinc twice daily, immediately before a meal.
The usual recommendation is to take 500 milligrams of vitamin b3 (niacin) twice daily. To avoid the "niacin flush"—a reddening of the skin accompanied by a tingling sensation—and other side effects, you should start with a small amount such as 50 milligrams and gradually increase to the recommended dosage. Note: Do not take supplemental niacin if you have gout or liver dysfunction. Niacinamide is a compound related to niacin, but it does not have the same effect on the circulatory system and does not cause flushing. Niacinamide does work on the nervous system and helps to relax the body.
NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS ¦ Take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement daily, but read the label first to be sure it contains no more than 5,000 international units of vitamin A and that the form of vitamin b3 it contains is niacinamide rather than niacin. In amounts greater than this, vitamin A can worsen gout. Beta-carotene, which the body uses to produce vitamin A, is a better choice. Niacin raises uric-acid levels and increases heat and inflammation. Niacinamide, a mild derivative of niacin, won't add to your misery.
Many people with Meniere's disease have been found to have deficiencies of the B vitamins, especially vitamin b3 (niacin). In addition, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is more common among people with this disorder than in the population as a whole. High blood-cholesterol levels and impaired circulation may also be contributing factors. It is interesting to note that the incidence of gallbladder disease in people with Meniere's disease is twice that in the general population.

The Doctor's Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia

Sheldon Saul Hendler
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The term niacin is commonly used to refer to the two forms of vitamin b3, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. II. CLAIMS Positive: 1) Lowers cholesterol and protects against cardiovascular disease; 2) protects against and detoxifies pollutants, alcohol, narcotics; 3) prevents or cures schizophrenia and some other mental disorders; 4) may be of benefit in diabetes; 5) relieves migraine headaches; 6) alleviates arthritis; 7) stimulates the sex drive; 8) reduces high blood pressure. Negative: 1) Toxic in high doses. III.
Vitamin B3 as a supplement is available in the form of nicotinic acid or as nicotinamide (niacinamide). Nicotinamide, unlike nicotinic acid, does not cause the so-called niacin flush. C) Take With: It is important to take B vitamins in a well-balanced combination, rather than individually. (See Part Three) D ) Cautionary Note: Discontinue if any signs of toxicity occur, such as nausea, headaches, cramps, diarrhea, feeling of faintness, accelerated or irregular heartbeat. Toxicity is highly unlikely if intake is limited to the above-recommended dose.

Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives: A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients Vitamin E

Ruth Winter
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In 1992, the FDA proposed a ban on riboflavin in oral menstrual drug products because it has not been shown to be safe and effective for its stated claims. vitamin b3 • See Niacin. VITAMIN B5 • See Pantothenic Acid. VITAMIN B6 • Pyridoxine. Beesix. Hexa-Betalin. Hexacrest. Nestrex. Rodex. Vitabee 6. Metabolizes protein; helps produce red blood cells; maintains proper functioning of nervous system tissue. Vitamin B6 is believed to act as a partner for more than one hundred different enzymes.

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition

Michael T. Murray, N.D., Joseph E. Pizzorno, N.D.
See book keywords and concepts
In order to gain any real benefit from tryptophan, it must be used along with vitamin B6 and the niacinamide form of vitamin b3 to help block the kynurenine pathway to provide better results. Although tryptophan is once again entering the marketplace, better yet is the use of 5-HTP. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) One step closer to serotonin manufacture from tryptophan is 5-HTP. This compound offers significant advantages over tryptophan.

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