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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes: An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease

Steven V. Joyal
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Pomegranate This unusual, thick-skinned fruit with its hundreds of red seeds provides a juice that contains levels of phytochemicals/ antioxidants that are much higher than in the juice of other fruits. The phytochemicals in pomegranates, called punicalagins, have been shown in a number of experimental studies to support optimal blood pressure levels, enhance antioxidant levels, and decrease the risk of vascular endothelial damage associated with diabetes.

Unleash the Inner Healing Power of Foods

The Editors of FC&A
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Fight back with phytochemicals. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discovered that certain phytochemicals — nutrients naturally found in plants — lowered some people's risk for knee OA by 30 to 40 percent. The fantastic phytochemicals in this study? Vitamin E, lutein, and lycopene, among others. Hobbs isn't surprised. "They're good for the plant, and they're also good for the human being.

The Food-Mood Connection: Nutrition-based and Environmental Approaches to Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing

Gary Null and Amy McDonald
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Phytochemicals that Lower Cholesterol The healing phytochemicals in fruits and fruit juices are also very important. For people with high blood sugar, there are now concentrates on the market without the fruit sugar in them, so everyone can get the benefits of drinking a lot of fruit juice. Remember that red fruits and their concentrates repair damage to your DNA. This is crucial because once you repair the damage to the DNA, the cell can regain much, if not all, of its previous functioning.

The world according to the FDA and Big Pharma

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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There is no such thing as "synergistic action" with phytochemicals. The only use for plant chemicals is to serve as ideas from which drug companies can synthesize patented drugs. phytochemicals (phytonutrients) have no inherent value and their use for preventing, treating or curing any disease should be outlawed and stripped from modern civilization's knowledge base. Shamans, medicine women, herbalists, midwives and healers are all engaged in quackery based on superstition or voodoo. There is no such thing as bioenergy, intuition, mind-body medicine, quantum physics or therapeutic touch.

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses

Marshall Editions
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One of its isolated phytochemicals, curcumin, is often used for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis in doses of 400-600 mg three times daily, though many practitioners prefer to use whole turmeric for the added effect of other compounds. Powdered turmeric root is often dosed at 0.5-1 g two or three times daily, and it may take several weeks for symptoms to improve. It is probably easiest to simply incorporate this amount of turmeric regularly into your cooking.

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.
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Collards are members of the family of cruciferous vegetables and provide valuable cancer-fighting phytochemicals. One cup of collards provides almost the same amount of calcium as 8 ounces of milk, and 5 whopping g of fiber in the bargain. In addition, they've got magnesium, phosphorus, more than 200 mg of heart-friendly potassium, vitamin C, and a ton of vitamins A and K. There's also a meaningful amount of beta-carotene. And if all that weren't enough, they are a significant source of lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that are fast becoming the "go-to" nutrients for eye health.
Like others in the brassica family, it contains powerful phytochemicals like cancer-fighting indoles, plant compounds that have been found to have a protective effect against breast, cervical, and colon cancer. In addition, kale is high in sulfur and contains something called sulforaphane, which helps give a boost to the body's detoxification enzymes and may actually help fight cancer as well. Sulforaphane is formed when the vegetables containing it are chopped or chewed, and it triggers the liver to remove free radicals and other chemicals that may cause DNA damage.
Besides lycopene, tomatoes contain a variety of other powerful phytochemicals that fight disease. A trio of antioxidants—zera-carotene, phytoene, and phytofluene (often called "the three amigos")— are found together in many fruits and vegetables, TU including tomatoes, and scientists believe that this triple-threat antioxidant team has strong disease-fighting potential. And if that isn't enough, phenolic acids found in tomatoes have the potential to fight lung cancer with their ability to inhibit the formation of nitrosamines in the body.

You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty

Mehmet C. Oz., M.D. and Michael F. Roizen, M.D.
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Hearing also benefits from phytochemicals, so the stronger the color of the fruit, the better. That means it contains high levels of these protective substances. YOU Tip: Cover Up. In noisy situations-doing yard work with power tools or maybe dinner with the extended family-it's worth using noise cancellation headphones, which emit energy in a frequency that we can't hear. The sound waves they create have the same amplitude but opposite polarity as the original sound; they combine with the external wave and effectively cancel it out so there's no sound at all.

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses

Marshall Editions
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NATUROPATHY Diet: Eat plenty of multicolored vegetables to obtain the nutrients and phytochemicals needed to strengthen the immune system. Avoid all foods that decrease your immunity, such as junk food, anything containing hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids, simple carbohydrates, and sugars. Eliminate foods to which you may be allergic or intolerant, such as dairy products, wheat, and corn, which can cause inflammation and decrease your immunity.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!

David W. Grotto, RD, LDN
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Blueberries are rich in phytochemicals such as phenolic acid, anthocyanins (the pigments that make blueberries blue), and ellagic acid, a natural compound that may inhibit tumor growth. Fresh and frozen blueberries contain high amounts of anthocyanins but very little is found in dried forms. Home Remedies Native Americans found that blueberries helped reduce morning sickness, coughs, and headaches. The leaves were used to make tea and were thought to help purify the blood. Throw Me a Lifesaver!

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses

Marshall Editions
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For long-term use take two to four 380 mg tablets of de-glycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) before meals in order to help with gastritis and, at the same time, avoid the side effects of one of licorice's phytochemicals, glycyrrhizin. Caution: The prolonged use of decoctions or infusions of dried, unprocessed licorice root can cause high blood pressure, low potassium, and swelling, due to one of its compounds, glycyrrhizin, also called glycyrrhizic acid. Slippery elm root bark powder: Stir 1-2 tbsp of this demulcent powder into a glass of water and drink after meals and before bedtime.
Water-based infusions or decoctions of Asian ginseng may be effective, though many of the important phytochemicals are not soluble in water; standardized extracts and alcohol or glycerin tinctures are usually the most efficacious. Take herbal tonics of Asian ginseng daily for three weeks, followed by one week of a ginseng "holiday," and repeat as necessary. Asian ginseng may cause a decrease in blood sugar, so people with diabetes taking oral hypoglycemic medication or insulin, should be careful.
This extract contains phytochemicals such as beta-sitosterol and n-docosanol that may help to increase testosterone through changes in prolactin levels. Alternatively, 100 mg of the raw herb can be ingested daily as a tea, or 60 drops of tincture can be taken twice daily. Some J people experience stomach upset with this plant. If this occurs decrease the dose, stop taking the herb completely, or check with a medical herbalist for advice. INFERTILITY DIAGNOSIS Infertility is the inability to reproduce.

Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2007

Bottom Line Health
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USE HERBS AND SPICES OFTEN Garlic, anise and other herbs, as well as ginger and other spices used in cooking, contain high levels of anticancer phytochemicals. To increase flavor, add herbs and spices to your foods instead of salt, sugar or fat. What most people don't know: Cutting or smashing fresh garlic 10 minutes before cooking preserves the high levels of its anticancer compounds. SOY: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY Soybeans contain many anticarcinogenic compounds, including the phytoestrogen genistein.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!

David W. Grotto, RD, LDN
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Apricots are also a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber, and contain an abundance of phytochemicals such as D-glucaric acid, chlorogenic acid, geraniol, quercetin, and lycopene. Home Remedies As early as 502 a.d., there were reports that apricot seed, often referred to as kernels, were effective in treating cancer. Today, many people still believe that the naturally occurring toxin cyanide, found in apricot kernels, might be helpful. Apricot kernels are used to make the alternative cancer drug laetrile.
They are also rich in vitamin C, fiber, and in the phytochemicals tannin, flavonoid, and cyani-din, which have anticarcinogenic properties. Blackberries also contain catechins, such as quercetin, which is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of heart disease and stop the action of histamine for people with allergies. Home Remedies A combination of distilled water and blackberries made into a drink and taken regularly in the morning is known to promote laxation.

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses

Marshall Editions
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Due to its increasing popularity, ginkgo is now readily available at local health food stores in pill or capsule form; the most studied form is a standardized extract that will list on the bottle the percentage of phytochemicals in the ginkgo preparation. Ginkgo has few reported side effects, although care should be exercised by those who are also taking anticoagulant and antithrombotic drugs, as there may be an added risk of bleeding. W Bishop's weed: Ancient Egyptians used this plant to treat vitiligo, though there are no modern clinical trials to support it.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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Recent research in animals demonstrated that isolated and purified lycopene did not have the same preventive activity against prostate cancer as tomato paste, which contains the plant's full complement of related phytochemicals including lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene. Since toxicity is often related to the dose of the single most active constituent, the contributions of other analogs of the parent compound, or even unrelated compounds, to the biologically effective dose can lessen the risk of toxicity.

Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You - And Your Waistline - And Drop the Weight for Good

Dr. Steven R. Gundry
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Your genes have been exposed to plant chemicals over millions of years, so many of our genes are dependent on these phytochemicals for proper functioning and activation. For example, the trace mineral selenium, of which most Americans have dangerously low levels, is intimately involved with controlling a particular gene in your liver, an organ that not only helps detoxify poisons but also regulates the growth or inhibition of cancer cells. Vitamin C, also found in green leaves, is essential to rebuild collagen breaks in your blood vessels and skin.
Animal gene* evolved in constant contact with plant phytochemicals. ' The presence or absence of phy to chemicals within our cells prevents or producer cellular dysfunction. žPlant leaves andseeds are "good"for you because they're "bad"for you. žModern processed food and animal products are "bad" for you because they're "good" for your genes. žModern foods, particularly ground-up grain products, rapidly enter your blood stream as sugar and activate the "Store Fat for Winter" computer program. žModern fats are primarily composed of omega-6s, which stimulate inflammation and depression.
First, by consuming these important phytochemicals, you send messages that tell your genes how to behave appropriately. Second, eating copious quantities of food, in turn, will activate antihunger hormones-all without taking in large quantities of calories. This relatively low (and effortlessly low) calorie consumption sends a powerful message to your genetic autopilot, saying that you're not a threat to future generations because you're not gobbling up more than your fair share of food. And believe me, your genetic autopilot is always watching.
As part of your Diet Evolution, I want you to consume even more phytochemicals than you have up to now, so I'm going to ask you to gradually stop cooking some of your vegetables and leafy greens and eat them raw instead-and to continue this practice for the rest of your life. Add raw foods to your diet slowly to avoid experiencing any toxic responses such as headaches, rashes, diarrhea, and joint aches that many people mistake for the side effects of "detoxification.
If so, here's some really good news. The phytochemicals, particularly EGCG in cocoa, act much the same way that other plant toxins do and their consumption similarly follows a hormetic curve. Does that mean you can gobble up milk chocolate guilt free? No way. The active ingredients in cocoa mimic the bitter polyphenols found in green tea and coffee, but all are completely inactivated by milk. That's why only very dark chocolate, as indicated by 70 percent or more cocoa content, has a beneficial effect. Raw cocoa beans and non-Dutch processed cocoa also contain these polyphenols.

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.
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These vegetables are excellent sources of a family of anticancer phytochemicals called isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates fight cancer by neutralizing carcinogens—the "bad guys" of the cancer battle. They do this by reducing their poisonous effects and stimulating the release of "carcinogen killers," speeding up their removal from the body. Studies have shown that isothiocyanates help prevent lung and esophageal cancer and can lower the risk of other cancers, including gastrointestinal cancer. Several isothiocyanates have been shown to inhibit tumors induced by chemical carcinogens.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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Anticarcinogenesis of licorice and its major triterpenoid constituents, in Food phytochemicals II: Teas, Spices, and Herbs. American Chemical Society,; 329-334. 1994. Watanabe Y, Watanabe K, Proc Symp Wakan-Yaku 13:16. 1980. Wilson JA. A comparison of carbenoxolone sodium and deglycyrrhizinated liquorice in the treatment of gastric ulcer in the ambulant patient. Br J Clin Pract; 26(12):563-566. 1972. Yagura T et al., Proc Symp Wakan-Yaku 11:79. 1978.

Supplement Your Prescription: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutrition

Hyla Cass, M.D.
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The deeper the color, the more antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals you're getting. These foods also are rich in fiber that aids in digestion and carbohydrates that break down slowly for steady energy. Some even contain protein. To support your movement towards a more colorful diet, refer to Eat Your Colors by Marcia Zimmerman, M.Ed., C.N. (Owl Books, 2001), and What Color is Your Diet by David Heber, M.D. (HarperCollins, 2001). Fruits and vegetables are best bought fresh, the closer to picking time the better, and eaten soon after.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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Antimigraine Effects: In a study of phytochemicals, Ginger (Zingiber officinale) was rated as possibly useful for the treatment and prophylaxis of headaches. Mechanisms of headache amelioration of Ginger may include its inhibition of thromboxane production and inhibition of free radicals formed in the arachidonic acid cascade. Ginger decreases platelet aggregation and is a potent inhibitor of prostaglandins, which enhance release of substance P from trigeminal fibers (opiates inhibit substance P release) (Laurinaitis, 1995).
COMPOUNDS Phospholipids (45-60%): in particular phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol Fatty oil (30-35%) Steroids: Phytosterols (2-5%) EFFECTS Soy contains high amounts of protein, phytochemicals, and isoflavones, such as genistein and diadzein. In certain hormone-related cancers, the isoflavones in Soy act as antiestro-gens and block the uptake of estrogen into tissues such as that of the breast. Soy reduces the effects of androgens on the prostate gland. However, whether Soy is beneficial for breast and prostate cancer remains questionable.

Prescription for Natural Cures: A Self-Care Guide for Treating Health Problems with Natural Remedies Including Diet and Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Bodywork, and More

James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.
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For example, two phytochemicals found in cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli and cauliflower), known as indole-3 carbinol and sulforaphane, help the body to metabolize toxins and are associated with preventing certain types of cancers. Flavonoids, found in citrus fruits, protect us against heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Many phytochemicals are powerful antioxidants that protect against cell damage and environmental pollutants. Others also help cells to detoxify more efficiently. For example, green vegetables are high in chlorophyll, a potent detoxifying phytochem-ical.

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