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Organized medicine remains ignorant of causes, treatments for prostate cancer

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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If you think about it, it wasn't too long ago that conventional medicine thought there were only four vitamins: vitamins A, E, C and B. They thought that as long as you had these four vitamins, you would be a healthy individual. Of course, we now know that to be just a very small part of the big picture. People need more than four vitamins, and what I think we'll see in the future is the recognition that we need more than just chemical compounds in our body to be healthy.

Interview with Greg Kunin of Ola Loa (DrinkYourVitamins.com)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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How can people "drink their vitamins," what products do you have and where do they come from? Kunin: Well, I realized from our medical practice that patients have a tough time taking pills. If you put them on a multi-pill program -- going from one pill to two pills and then to five pills or ten pills -- it became increasingly difficult. People didn't want to go through the stress. It became very clear to me that we needed to find an easier way.
Our super-multi formula, called Energy, is comprised of 36 strategic vitamins, minerals, amino acids and digestives. They're diabetic-safe and have no artificial sweeteners or stimulants of any sort. Children can take them. Mike: What's the sweetener in it? Kunin: We have one gram of fructose, so it has no effect on the glycemic index. Mike: Well, very low. Kunin: Yes, it's very safe for diabetics. There's a gram of glycine in the product, which is a tremendous help for people who have sugar concerns; it helps manage your blood sugar.

Interview - Greg Kunin of Ola Loa explains why it's better for you to "drink your vitamins" for optimum nutrition

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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The interesting thing is we're going into a lot of other interesting avenues where you typically wouldn't see vitamins. We're going into hotel rooms -- in the mini-bars. Mike: No kidding? Kunin: The traveling public is demanding something beyond alcohol and sugar. Mike: It's about time. Kunin: And we hear from travelers every day who were at a hotel, got our product in the mini-bar, and they said it made their trip. Mike: Wow. That is very interesting.

Taking a daily multivitamin is not sufficient for good nutrition

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Avoid isolated vitamins and minerals I also recommend that you move away from isolated vitamins and minerals. So forget about those cheap, low-cost bottles of vitamin C, vitamin E or those B vitamins you might find at the wholesale clubs, pharmacies or grocery stores. These are typically not going to do you very much good, because your body doesn't need just vitamin C; your body needs a whole complement of vitamins from a lot of different sources. If you want vitamin C, go with whole-food concentrates.

Interview - Greg Kunin of Ola Loa explains why it's better for you to "drink your vitamins" for optimum nutrition

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Another way to look at that is if you spend a dollar on vitamins, 70 cents potentially could be lost. So I wanted to make it easy. Mike: Now I want to stop you right here. Kunin: Sure. Mike: I want to throw something in on this. It's very important, because with nutrition it really comes down to what you absorb, not what you swallow. Kunin: Absolutely. Mike: I have a friend who's always asking me about nutrition. He was taking a variety of capsules and pills for a long time, and he was really having digestion problems with them. I told this person, "Try Ola Loa.
When my son was two years old, we were developing a line of pill capsule vitamins, and there was going to be a series of about 14 pills that you'd wind up taking every day -- sometimes twice a day. Mike: Wow, that's a lot. Kunin: It's a lot; it's a burden. It puts your body through digestive stress. There are tremendous difficulties for people to absorb their nutrients out of pills. Tablets are the worst. Capsules are a little bit better, but it's still quite a stress to go through the process and hope that you're getting something out of those nutrients. Mike: Yes.
Kunin: Well, Ola Loa was based on a very simple concept of making it easy to get your vitamins, to make it a pleasurable experience and to provide strategic nutrients that work synergistically to provide maximum health benefits. It was based on my father's medical practice, which has specialized for the past 40 years in the nutritionally oriented, orthomolecular approach to medicine. He was the first medical doctor in America to integrate vitamin therapy with treating disease back in the 1960s. And so we had a tremendous opportunity to work with thousands of patients over the 40-year period.

If you exercise, be sure to increase your uptake of nutritional supplements and superfoods

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Even though proteins important to supplement if you are not already eating a high protein diet, it is far more important to supplement trace minerals, macro minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium; various vitamins including all the B vitamins; plus vitamins C, D and K. In addition, you need to supplement numerous phytonutrients, which means the medicine that comes from plants. Those include various carotenoids like beta keratin or zeaxanthin, lutein, anthocyanidins, Proanthocyanidins like those found in grape seeds or even Resveratrol found in grape skin.

Interview with Matthew Supkoff of the Continental Vitamin Company on instantly dissolving vitamins

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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These are instantly dissolving vitamins and minerals. What nutrients do you cover in the product line here? Supkoff: Well, in the Superior Source line, we have 50 different products that dissolve right underneath the tongue. We don't use the word "sublingual" in any of our advertising; some of the other companies do. Now, our flagship product would be our B12 because of the problems associated with B12. That's why people obviously get shots.

Integrated Health offers outstanding nutritional supplements at breakthrough price for NewsTarget readers

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Here's an example of what I'm talking about: The company produced a line of extremely high-end chewable children's vitamins called Kids Mighty-Multi. Sweetened with Xylitol, the product is one of the best multi vitamins I've ever seen for either kids or adults. It contains krebs cycle nutrients, high-end forms of all the major minerals, expensive forms of B vitamins (their vitamin B-12 is methylcobalamin, not the toxic cyanocobalamin found in cheap products) and powerful anti-cancer herbal ingredients like turmeric and quercetin.

Interview with Matthew Supkoff of the Continental Vitamin Company on instantly dissolving vitamins

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Supkoff: We have vitamins A and D. We have the complete line of B complex; of course, the B12 is a very popular item because of the instant-dissolving-under-the-tongue aspect. Mike: And you have zinc, I see? Supkoff: Yes, we have zinc in the line, as well -- standard zinc chelate as well as the zinc lozenge. Mike: How can customers purchase this product -- directly from your website or retail? Supkoff: Well, we go through dealers, so they really want to ask for it at their health food store or drug store. We don't really go through the major online discounters.

Microwave ovens destroy the nutritional value of your food

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Microwave ovens heat food through a process of creating molecular friction, but this same molecular friction quickly destroys the delicate molecules of vitamins and phytonutrients (plant medicines) naturally found in foods. One study showed that microwaving vegetables destroys up to 97% of the nutritional content (vitamins and other plant-based nutrients that prevent disease, boost immune function and enhance health). In other words, eating raw broccoli provides you with natural anti-cancer medicine that's extremely effective at halting the growth of cancer tumors.

Ten Lies About Health Your Doctor Taught You

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Lie #4: vitamins give you "expensive urine." Truth #4: The most expensive urine in the world is created by taking multiple overpriced prescription drugs, not vitamins. With more than 40% of the U.S. population now on prescription drugs, the drug content in human urine is now so high that trace amounts of antidepressant drugs can be found in public water supplies. Compared to drugs, vitamins are cheap prevention. See http://www.newstarget.com/001891.html Lie #5: The sun will give you cancer. Truth #5: The sun will prevent cancer due to the creation of vitamin D by the skin.

Survival of the Sickest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease

Dr. Sharon Moalem
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To be clear, if you're getting ready to have a baby, this isn't to suggest that you throw out the container of vitamins your doctor prescribed. These vitamins have a lot to recommend them—as we mentioned a few chapters ago, folic acid is very important during pregnancy. Study after study has shown that folic acid supplements reduce birth defects that can cause damage to a developing brain or spinal cord. The connection is so strong that the government required grains to be fortified with folic acid much as drinking water is fortified with fluoride.

Organized medicine remains ignorant of causes, treatments for prostate cancer

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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It doesn't want to admit that vibrational nutrition has anything to do with health, much in the same way that it didn't want to admit vitamins were actually good for you for several decades. To put it bluntly, medical professors hate to rewrite their lectures. In fact, until recently, the American Medical Association adamantly insisted that vitamins were not just a waste of money, but were actually harmful. You'll still see press releases and announcements from the medical establishment from time to time that claim certain vitamins are harmful to human health.

Antioxidants, bad science and failure of the press to tell the truth

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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If you're going to count the results of all the women who don't take the supplements, why not simply launch the study, give vitamins to no one, then announce the conclusion that vitamins don't work? This could create a whole new way to conduct clinical research: Track the health results in people who have taken nothing! Think of what we could accomplish in medical science by following this model -- we could test thousands of different substances by simply giving them to no one, then declaring whatever results we wish to notice! Ultimately, that's what's going on here anyway.
In other words, the vitamins didn't work on those who didn't take them. (Is this surprising to anyone?) The mainstream media has taken hold of this statistical distortion and declared that antioxidants are now useless for preventing heart disease. Utterly ignoring the fact that the vitamins worked remarkably well in those who actually took them, the media now seems to be on a crusade to discredit nutritional supplements by lying to its readers.
The distortion in question concerns the assessment of women who participated in a nine year trial measuring the effects of vitamins E and C. According to the results published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, women who took these vitamins on a regular basis experienced a remarkable and statistically significant reduction in stroke risk (31 percent) and heart attack risk (22 percent).

Your Symptoms Are Real: What to Do When Your Doctor Says Nothing Is Wrong

Benjamin H. Natelson, M.D.
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Unfortunately, there is not one bit of evidence that flooding the body with vitamins and minerals has efficacy in any illness or disease. In fact, a carefully done double-blind placebo-controlled study of vitamins and antioxidants taken by mouth proved ineffective at relieving the symptoms of fatigue and soreness in CFS patients. Some doctors add chemicals to the mix. In a treatment called chelation therapy, the practitioner employs a chemical that's normally used to bind heavy metals (like mercury and lead) to treat people poisoned by these metals.

NewsTarget readers demand retractions from major media outlets over erroneous reporting of antioxidant study

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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According to virtually all the headlines printed in major media outlets, this study found vitamins E and C to be utterly worthless in preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke. And yet, in reality, the study proved that those women who actually took the vitamins were protected to such a high degree than almost no pharmaceutical on the market can match their success! It's true: A pharmaceutical that reduced stroke risk by 31 percent while introducing no negative side effects would be considered a medical miracle.

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Avoid cheap, store-bought children's vitamins or anything containing cyanocobalamin (a toxic form of vitamin B12). Quality children's vitamins are available through sources like Nordic Naturals (fish oils) and www.IntegratedHealth.com (also check www.WellnessResources.com for high-quality supplements). 18. Dryer sheets Most popular dryer sheets and fabric softeners are made with toxic synthetic chemicals that are not safe to use on children's clothing. The fragrance chemicals alone are often highly carcinogenic, and the other chemicals contribute additional toxicity to the clothing.

Integrated Health offers outstanding nutritional supplements at breakthrough price for NewsTarget readers

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Formulated with the same high-end nutritional philosophy as their supplements for people, these 2DOCS vitamins are quite simply the best pet supplements I've found on the market. (Most pet vitamins from other companies are garbage.) I use the Large Pet Mighty-Multi with my Rotweiller. Learn more at http://www.integratedhealth.com/pet-supplements/large-pet-mighty-multi.html Incredible products at reasonable prices If you go through the product catalog at Integrated Health, you'll find all kinds of amazing products that can literally help prevent and even reverse various degenerative diseases.
I don't know of a better deal on a high-end multi vitamins that's chewable. Sure, you can find cheaper vitamins if you don't care about what's in them, but if you're looking for world class nutritional support for both children and adults, this Kids Mighty-Multi is an outstanding deal. (It's actually great for adults, too. The only thing that's "kids" about this is the small size of the chewable tablets.) What's left of their inventory will probably be sold out by Wednesday, so if you want to get in on this deal, order from their website right now.

NewsTarget publishes discount codes on nutritional products from top formulators

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Ola Loa (drinkable vitamins): 25% off orders for NewsTarget readers Adams' comments: A top-of-the-line drinkable nutritional supplement that I've covered and recommended for more than two years. Excellent absorption, great for those who don't like to swallow pills. Use code: TARGET2007 http://www.DrinkYourVitamins.com Good Cause Wellness: 20% discount on new Aloe Vera 100 Awesome new dried aloe vera gel flakes, great for use in smoothies and blended beverages. Aloe vera is outstanding for digestive health disorders, preventing colon cancer, boosting blood oxygen carrying capacity, etc.

Microwave ovens destroy the nutritional value of your food

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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But the mechanism by which heat is produced causes internal damage to the delicate molecular structures of vitamins and phytonutrients. Minerals are largely unaffected, however, so you'll still get the same magnesium, calcium and zinc in microwaved foods as you would in non-microwaved foods, but the all-important B vitamins, anthocyanins, flavonoids and other nutritional elements are easily destroyed by microwave ovens. The microwave is the appliance of the living dead.

Darth Vader, the FDA, and the Empire of Modern Medicine (opinion)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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State medical licensing boards run secret investigations to frame and "catch" doctors prescribing vitamins or alternative therapies. Those doctors are then targeted for prosecution or revocation of their medical licenses. 6) The FDA, drug companies and mainstream media routinely invent scare stories about vitamins and nutritional supplements, then publicize them in order to scare consumers away from nutritional therapies (and herd them into profitable drug treatments).

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements

Phyllis A. Balch, CNC
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B1 (thiamine) 50 mg 3 times daily. Needed for repair and and healing of skin tissue. pantothenic acid 100 mg 3 times daily. Aids in proper adrenal (vitamin b5) function, relieving stress and on this organ. vitamin b6 50 mg 3 times daily. Aids in reducing fluid (pyridoxine) retention, keeping down and infection. vitamin B12 2,000 meg daily. Use a lozenge or and sublingual form. folic acid 400 meg daily. Vitamin C 2,000-10,000 mg daily. Important for formation of with collagen and skin tissue, bioflavonoids and for enhancing the immune system.
Often depleted in people with and hearing loss. vitamin B^ 1,000-2,000 meg daily. Vitamin C 3,000-6,000 mg daily. Needed for proper immune with function and to aid in bioflavonoids preventing ear infections. plus N-acetylcysteine As directed on label. To remove excess fluids from the ear canal. Vitamin E 200 IU daily, Powerful antioxidant that or 400 IU every increases circulation. Use other day. d-alpha-tocopherol form. Zinc lozenges 50 mg daily. Quickens immune response; Do not exceed a total of aids in reducing infection. 100 mg daily from all supplements.
B6 100 mg twice daily. .Required by the nervous (pyridoxine) system; necessary for normal plus brain function. vitamin B3 (niacin) 100 mg 3 times daily. Do Deficiency has been linked to or not exceed this amount. schizophrenia. Injections niacinamide 1,000 mg daily. (under a doctor's supervision) are best. Caution: Do not take niacin if you have a liver disorder, gout, or high blood pressure. Vitamin E emulsion 200 IU daily. An antioxidant that improves or brain circulation. Emulsion capsules form is recommended for easier assimilation and greater safety at high doses.

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